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Jefferson Shreve


Tech Consolidation in the Self Storage Industry

I noted in a previous blog post that the self storage industry has witnessed a number of significant changes in recent years.  One of the more eyebrow raising consolidations in my industry unfolded over the past month as a private equity fund  acquired two of the big...
The Changing Self Storage Industry Landscape: 2018

The Changing Self Storage Industry Landscape: 2018

The self storage industry is poised for more changes in 2018 and beyond.  Back in 2015, industry revenue was projected to exceed $30 billion.  According to these same forecasts, growth would continue at a rate of roughly 3 percent through 2020. This year has seen...


Bloomington, IND — Indiana-based Storage Express has purchased a dozen facilities located across central Illinois. The seller was the Plummer family, of the RP Lumber Company. The sellers own and operate over 50 building materials stores in Illinois. They developed...


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